All Speculation Ends Here: Exclusive Photos of Prince Edward’s Penis

Apparently, Royals really are just like everybody else—when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. Though none of us here at Royal Bitch Dot Net have ever been on a 170-foot yacht, we’ve got to imagine they have bathrooms. It begs the question—what was Prince Edward doing pissing off the deck?

Though in the photos it appears Prince Edward is slightly larger than average, it’s believed that His Royal Highness is a shower not a grower.  Rumor has it that embarrassment over his penis size  is what compels him to require signed Non-Disclosure Agreements from any and all women in whom he has the slightest romantic interest.  In fact, a source close to Bella “Not-a” Swan tells us Prince Edward presented Esme Platt’s ugly half-sister with legal documents less than twenty-four hours after meeting her. Tell-all books written by Princess Elizabeth’s former lovers notwithstanding, we have to wonder what His Royal Highness is trying to hide.

8 thoughts on “All Speculation Ends Here: Exclusive Photos of Prince Edward’s Penis

      • The pics of his father’s cock were absolutely real! A friend of mine took them. Sometimes he still has nightmares about all the hair.

  1. Even if it doesn’t get much longer, it’s still thick and juicy. I’d love to have that in my mouth! Yum!

  2. Didn’t you know? Royalty holds their johnsons with their pinkies out. At least, that’s what they do when there’s no one around to hold it for them. “The Royal Penis is clean, Your Highness.”

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